Bigg Boss 7: Did Armaan make a sexual request to Tanisha in a Leaked Video Clip? #bb7

Tanisha Armaan Chemistry

Looks like Tanisha Mukherjee and Armaan Kohli’s stint inside Bigg Boss house is turning out to more controversial than ever before! Ever since the beginning of season 7, the two have been surrounded by one controversy after another – be it for their growing chemistry or be it for the fake news that they were reportedly caught naked in the house.

The latest eye-popping controversy revolving around Tanisha and Armaan is that Armaan Kohli has reportedly been caught on record asking Tanisha for sexual favors.

A leaked video clip featuring Armaan and Tanisha is circulating on web, in which Armaan and Tanisha are seen having a rather naughty conversation. In the clip, Tanisha is reportedly heard saying that he (Armaan) has no control over himself and his “sexual” urge. To this, Armaan reportedly answered in a sleazy way saying that there are quick remedies for that. Tanisha asked him if he has tried any of thoese alternate remedies. Tanisha was reportedly heard saying that since his hand is broken, it would be difficult for him to try such quick remedies.

Armaan is heard saying that it’s not important to use one’s hand. On hearing this, Tanisha tries to end their ‘double-meaning’ chat and says ‘im not having this conversation’!
With cameras watching their every move, how could Tanisha and Armaan even indulge in such talks, is the question! Totally engrossed in each other’s company, are they forgeting the fact that it’s a show that gets broadcast on National TV and millions of viewers watch it with full attention!