Bigg Boss 7: Gauhar-Tanisha cat fight!


By now, we all have become familiar to the cold vibes shared between Bigg Boss 7’s female contestants Gauhar Khan and Tanisha Mukherjee. Even thought, the two seemed to have hugged last week but the cold vibes between the two continue to be quite evident on cameras.

As  a part of the Rajneeti task,  Bigg Boss asked the contestants to come together to hold a debate session between the two opposing parties. One representative from each party was required to come forward and talk about the  opposition party. Gauhar decided to take the center stage and decided to speak on behalf on Kamya’s party. For Elli’s party, Andy was the one to speak up!

As a part of the debate, the cold vibes between Gauhar and Tanisha were again visible, because when Tanisha tried to talk, Gauhar in her polite language asked her to shut up! Tanisha in turn said that she has the right to use her Freedom of Speech and nobody can stop her from that.

Termed as the ‘biggest foes’ in the house, the two ended up in an intense and heated argument and passed on personal comments on each other. Finally, Gauhar decided to stop cooking for the housemates and urged her ‘good friend’  Kamya to do the same.

With each passing day, Gauhar-Tanisha drama seems to be bringing new twists and turns!