Big Boss 7: VJ Andy to get Evicted?


Here’s some breaking news coming from the Bigg Boss 7 house. Sources reveal that VJ Andy, popularly known as Andy in the Bigg Boss might be the one to get evicted from the show anytime this week.

Apparently, this move comes after the contestants broke the rule and discussed the nominations amongst each other, but in a code language. When things slowly started unfolding, Bigg Boss announced that the housemates have broken the rules and will now be “punished” for discussing the nominations in the presence of the captain.

Bigg Boss then asked Kushal to name five contestants who have been responsible for this misdoing.  Apart from that, he also asked them to name that one contestant, who had contributed the most to the discussions revolving around the nominations.

Kushal and others then decided to name Andy and following this, Bigg Boss announced that Andy will have to leave the house after the next announcement.

It’s now a wait and watch situation for Andy!